Causal risk modelling workshop in New Zealand

In November 2017, members of the FE2W Network facilitated a foresight workshop “Resilient Food-Energy-Environment-Water Nexus in Canterbury”. The workshop was convened by Lincoln University in collaboration with Environment Canterbury (ECan), the regional government council managing land and water resources with local communities. Participants included Councillors from ECan’s stakeholder committees, representatives from the irrigation sector, academics from Lincoln University, and ECan senior management and staff.

The workshop participants used causal risk modelling to assess policy interventions for water management in the Canterbury region. The planned policies included urban water tariffs, new farming systems, managed water capture, and planning frameworks. Participants considered potential feedback effects from planned policies and actions to manage those feedbacks and ensure objectives are achieved. In addition, the participants considered how the FE2W Network’s Risks and Options Assessment for Decision-Making (ROAD) process could be used to guide the Canterbury Water Management Strategy and inform post-2020 planning.

The workshop was led by Nazmun Ratna (Lincoln University & FE2W Network) with support from Quentin Grafton and Paul Wyrwoll (The Australian National University & FE2W Network).