Guide to the ROAD Process Version 1.0

The Risks and Options Assessment for Decision-Making (ROAD) process enables decision-makers to comprehend and address complex risks. Version 1.0 of the Guide to the ROAD process is available here: ROAD is a systems-based approach to risk assessment that allows the integration of different tools and types of knowledge. A key feature is the participatory development of causal models of risk systems that provide a shared foundation for decisions.

The ROAD Guide outlines a series of steps that facilitators and decision-makers can adapt to a range of decision-making contexts. A key feature is the Version 1.0 of the Guide reflects lessons from pilot applications in four regions of the world and incorporates contributions from FE2W Network Members over 4 years of development. Subsequent versions will incorporate the knowledge and experience gained from future applications of ROAD and future developments in participatory processes and decision sciences.